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बंगाल हिंसा: पीड़ित परिवारों से मिले राज्यपाल धनखड़, लोगों के छलके आंसू

हमास के सैकड़ों आतंकवादियों को इजराइल ने मार गिराया

सच बात—देश की बात

 CM Gehlot becomes the Boy who cried Wolf

ashok-gehlot-and-sachin-pilotBy Our Jaipur Correspondent Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and his deputy Sachin Pilot have been into a tough power battle since the formation of the state govt. Gehlot has tried every trick to put Pilot down & to get rid of him in order to gain the free hand to run the state government.Riding high on his record of managing the Covid-19 crisis & in the backdrop of Congress losing MP, Gehlot has orchestrated a plan to undermine Pilot once and for all. This plan has been hatched keeping senior Congress leaders like Ahmed Patel in loop. The plan is to sell the theory that BJP is trying to destabilize the state government by wooing Pilot to their camp. This theory clicked with the high command, which is very much aware of BJP’s capability to destabilize state governments. The party has just lost power in MP & does not want to take any risk in Rajasthan.

The veteran Congress leader aims to discredit his deputy

BJP clarified they were not into the poaching game.

CM Gehlot worked on this story ahead of elections to the Rajya Sabha seats. It was a story crafted by himself & implemented by his loyalists that BJP was wooing Congress MLAs ahead of Rajya Sabha elections. His deputy Sachin Pilot gave a number of statements that there was no threat to the government, none of the MLAs were defecting. Even state BJP clarified they were not into the poaching game.Luckily for Gehlot, Congress High Command got carried away with his crying wolf, wolf and sent a number of senior leaders to ensure Congress candidates win.Nothing happened during Rajya Sabha elections, no defection, no attempt to destabilize the government. Rajya Sabha seats were won by the party but Gehlot’s problem continued. He could not get rid of Sachin Pilot despite so much false posturing.

Now once again he is trying the same trick. Again crying wolf, wolf. This time he has made the investigating agencies release tapes, where two small time BJP leaders are talking that Pilot wants to be CM and does not want a ministerial post at centre.Gehlot knows very well there is no danger to his Government. He knows very well, even if Sachin Pilot leaves, it is almost impossible he can garner numbers required to destabilize government, which has a comfortable majority.Gehlot is playing a double game, in which he has a win-win situation. On the one hand, he is putting pressure on High Command to remove Sachin Pilot from the state. He has been conveying to the Sonia Gandhi camp that unless Pilot is removed from Rajasthan, BJP will keep trying to destabilize the government. On the other hand, he is creating a humiliating situation for Pilot that he himself decides to leave.

Discrediting Pilot again and again is to compel the Congress leadership to remove him from Party President’s post and also from post of Deputy CM.Sachin Pilot has been acting tough so far knowing fully well that all conspiracy theories against him are orchestrated at Gehlot’s residence and not at the state BJP office.The battle is out in open in Rajasthan, where a CM is hell bent on taking total control of power in state by kicking out his deputy. It remains to be seen, whether Party High Command would continue the balancing act between the two camps or side with Gehlot this time, making him an unbridled kshatrap. Pilot has been playing cautiously mostly focusing on his work so far. Would he assert himself or continue to remain subdued despite his hard work, needs to be seen.

It also lies in future whether BJP would try to take advantage of the situation? BJP camp is also not strong at the moment, with former CM Vasundhra Raje lying low, not attacking Gehlot at all. Two prominent leaders from State, GS Shekhawat & Om Birla are mostly busy with their responsibilities at Centre & not in Rajasthan full time. State BJP requires a full time strong leader so that BJP can play the role of a strong opposition.


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