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सच बात—देश की बात

Crisis in Rajasthan created by INC itself

Rajasthan Cong MLAs meet(Jaipur Correspondent)Congress Party today lost one of its talented and dynamic young leader, Sachin Pilot, who clearly fell a victim to conspiracy theories crafted and circulated against him by Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. Congress leadership simply played into the hands of  Gehlot. CM Gehlot tried every trick to oust Pilot and when everything failed he created a story that Pilot was in touch with BJP and Rajasthan Government could be toppled. This conspiracy theory worked with the Congress High Command. Today after sacking Pilot, Gehlot spoke to reporters and reiterated the same that Pilot played into the hands of BJP.

Whether Pilot was in touch with BJP leaders or not is a matter of inquiry but by throwing him out, Congress has certainly given him a strong reason to speak to BJP. This is a situation very much created by Gehlot himself. It is Gehlot’s self goal that has cost party a young leader.  Pilot worked hard in the state and built the party from scratch working five long years, while in opposition. He engineered a new kind of caste equation in the state. Pundits believe Gurjar and Meena communities cannot be together but Pilot broke that myth and brought the two communities together in state. Infact he garnered the support of other two prominent communities, Rajputs and Jats as well. The two ministers ousted alongside Pilot, one is a jat, Vshwendra Singh, erstwhile Maharaja of Bharatpur and another is Ramesh Meena. The MLAs that are supporting Pilot belong to all these different communities.

INC has put its government in the state in jeopardy siding with Gehlot, who acted not in interest of the party but to throw out his potential rival in order to gain free hand in the state.All conciliatory statements given asking Pilot to return were a farce as the posters of Pilot were removed from PCC yesterday, even as Surjewala was asking him to come back.INC leaders are saying, all top leaders approached Pilot but Pilot camp has denied any such attempt. Pilot has been camping in Delhi, what was stopping CP Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi from meeting him? He had sought time from them too.

What has happened in Rajasthan is the making of Congress itself. It is a failure of leadership at the central level and petty politics being played by CM Gehlot against his deputy.Now it is all numbers game in Rajasthan. Gehlot has an edge as majority of Congress MLAs are with him. Pilot camp claims they have enough numbers to destabilize the state government. The battle between the two camps is now out in open and it is as bitter as can be.


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